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The team colors of U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Mariners are white, blue, medium light brown, black, olive, rosy brown, and dark goldenrod.

Below are the Hex, RGB, Pantone, CMYK, and HSL codes for these colors.

Additionally, we provide both PNG and JPG files of the U S Merchant Marine Academy Mariners logo and explore its meaning.

[sc name=’teamcolors’ team=’U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Mariners’ desc1=’White’ color1=’black’ hex1=’#FFFFFF’ rgb1='(255, 255, 255)’ pantone1=’PMS 7436 C’ cmyk1='(0, 0, 0, 0)’ hsl1='(0, 0%, 100%)’ desc2=’Blue’ color2=” hex2=’#254889′ rgb2='(37, 72, 137)’ pantone2=’PMS 7687 C’ cmyk2='(73, 47, 0, 46)’ hsl2='(216, 57%, 34%)’ desc3=’Medium Light Brown’ color3=’black’ hex3=’#D3B481′ rgb3='(211, 180, 129)’ pantone3=’PMS 7502 C’ cmyk3='(0, 15, 39, 17)’ hsl3='(37, 49%, 67%)’ desc4=’Black’ color4=” hex4=’#282828′ rgb4='(40, 40, 40)’ pantone4=’PMS 426 C’ cmyk4='(0, 0, 0, 84)’ hsl4='(0, 0%, 16%)’ desc5=’Olive’ color5=” hex5=’#736633′ rgb5='(115, 102, 51)’ pantone5=’PMS 7756 C’ cmyk5='(0, 11, 56, 55)’ hsl5='(49, 39%, 33%)’ desc6=’Rosy Brown’ color6=’black’ hex6=’#B47A87′ rgb6='(180, 122, 135)’ pantone6=’PMS 5005 C’ cmyk6='(0, 32, 25, 29)’ hsl6='(349, 28%, 59%)’ desc7=’Dark Goldenrod’ color7=’black’ hex7=’#A69322′ rgb7='(166, 147, 34)’ pantone7=’PMS 456 C’ cmyk7='(0, 11, 80, 35)’ hsl7='(54, 66%, 39%)’ desc8

U S Merchant Marine Academy Mariners Overview

  • 📛 Nickname: Mariners
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1943
  • 📍 Now Located in: Kings Point, New York
  • ⚔️ Biggest Rival: Coast Guard Bears
  • 🏆 Greatest Success: 2001 Division III Football National Championship

U S Merchant Marine Academy Mariners Logo PNG

U S Merchant Marine Academy Mariners Logo JPG

U S Merchant Marine Academy Mariners Logo Meaning

  • Golden Trident: Symbolizes maritime strength and honor, representing the academy’s commitment to excellence in marine education and service.
  • Blue and Gold Colors: Blue reflects the vastness of the ocean and the school’s maritime tradition, while gold signifies the academy’s excellence and the value of their education.
  • Waves Design: Illustrates the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the maritime industry, highlighting the adaptability and resilience of the academy’s cadets.
  • Bold Typography: Stands for the solid foundation and fortitude of the academy, emphasizing their unyielding mission to produce competent mariners.
  • Anchor Emblem: Represents stability, hope, and steadfastness, essential qualities for those navigating the seas and life.

U S Merchant Marine Academy Mariners Logo Font

The font used in the U S Merchant Marine Academy Mariners logo is a modern sans-serif typeface, chosen for its clean and authoritative appearance.

It’s designed to project clarity and professionalism in line with the academy’s esteemed reputation. The straightforward and bold letters make it easily readable and distinctive.

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