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The team colors of FC Barcelona Basquet are gold, blue, burgundy, red, yellow, black, and white.

Below are the Hex, RGB, Pantone, CMYK, and HSL codes for these colors.

Additionally, we provide both PNG and JPG files of the FC Barcelona Basquet logo and explore its meaning.

[sc name=’teamcolors’ team=’FC Barcelona Bàsquet’ desc1=’Gold’ color1=” hex1=’#EDBB00′ rgb1='(237, 187, 0)’ pantone1=’PMS 7408 C’ cmyk1='(8, 26, 100, 0)’ hsl1='(50, 100%, 46%)’ desc2=’Blue’ color2=” hex2=’#004D98′ rgb2='(0, 77, 152)’ pantone2=’PMS 7687 C’ cmyk2='(100, 79, 9, 1)’ hsl2='(207, 100%, 30%)’ desc3=’Burgundy’ color3=” hex3=’#A50044′ rgb3='(165, 0, 68)’ pantone3=’PMS 7426 C’ cmyk3='(24, 100, 70, 15)’ hsl3='(336, 100%, 32%)’ desc4=’Red’ color4=” hex4=’#DB0030′ rgb4='(219, 0, 48)’ pantone4=’PMS 199 C’ cmyk4='(8, 100, 88, 1)’ hsl4='(348, 100%, 43%)’ desc5=’Yellow’ color5=’black’ hex5=’#FFED02′ rgb5='(255, 237, 2)’ pantone5=’PMS 3945 C’ cmyk5='(3, 1, 97, 0)’ hsl5='(57, 99%, 50%)’ desc6=’Black’ color6=” hex6=’#000000′ rgb6='(0, 0, 0)’ pantone6=’PMS Black 6 C’ cmyk6='(0, 0, 0, 100)’ hsl6='(0, 0%, 0%)’ desc7=’White’ color7=’black’ hex7=’#FFFFFF’ rgb7='(255, 255, 255)’ pantone7=” cmyk7='(0, 0, 0, 0)’ hsl7='(0, 0%, 100%)’ desc8=” color8=” hex8=” rgb8=” pantone8=” cmy

FC Barcelona Basquet Overview

  • 📛 Nickname: Barça Basket
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1926
  • 📍 Now Located in: Palau Blaugrana, Barcelona
  • ⚔️ Biggest Rival: Real Madrid Baloncesto (El Clásico)
  • 🏆 Greatest Success: 2 EuroLeague titles (2002-03, 2009-10), numerous Spanish League (Liga ACB) titles

FC Barcelona Basquet Logo PNG

FC Barcelona Basquet Logo JPG

FC Barcelona Basquet Logo Meaning

  • Shield Shape: Represents strength, heritage, and a sense of unity, reflecting the club’s historical lineage and resilience.
  • Red and Blue Stripes: The iconic red and blue colors stand for passion, energy, loyalty, and pride, key attributes of the club and its supporters.
  • Saint George’s Cross: Symbolizes bravery and honor, paying homage to the patron saint of Catalonia and the club’s geographical roots.
  • Ball and Basket: Highlights the sport of basketball, showcasing the club’s dedication to excellence on the court.
  • FC Barcelona Crest Integration: Seamlessly integrates elements of the general FC Barcelona crest, emphasizing the close bond and shared identity between the football and basketball teams.

FC Barcelona Basquet Logo Font

The font used in the FC Barcelona Basquet logo is a modern, sans-serif typeface designed to convey clarity and professionalism.

Its straightforward and clean lines ensure readability and contemporary elegance, aligning with the club’s sophisticated and dynamic image.

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